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CEO Message

Majorwith Co.,Ltd. is the consulting company specialized in certification. We always think first how can we do to improve our clients’ competitiveness and value.

If you are with us, you can succeed in your business. Majorwith is the company that can make you the best in your part.

That’s why we have clients
who’ve been with us from our establishment
in 1988 up to now.
and who still inquire of us about
whatever related to certification part.
and who even recommend us to their colleagues
just like their old friends and family.

We have highly qualified and skilled staff
who’ll do their best in their parts.
We have a wide acquaintance
who can give us advice.
And we have family who love and support us.

Based on our passion and confidence,
Majorwith will consistently try to accomplish our mission and your satisfaction.
Shin Mun Gi
Majorwith Co., Ltd.