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Eco Label Certification

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Eco-LabelTEAM : New technology team

Voluntary certification scheme to attach logo to a product with superior environmental quality throughout its lifecycle to other products of the same use, and thus to provide product information to consumers.

Object of Certification
Field Remark Classification Sub Category
1. Office Instrument and office Supplies Stationery, Office Instrument, Office furniture, etc 3 20
2. Housing and Construction Materials, Equipments and Facilities Armature residence, Water, flow pipe materials, equipment, etc 4 43
3. Personal and Home Supplies Chapter detergent, textile and leather and other goods 3 21
4. Home Appliances and Furniture Electrical equipment, electronic equipments, furniture, etc 3 13
5. Products for Transportation, Leisure and Cultural Activities Automotive Products, Products for Leisure and Cultural Activities 2 12
6. Industrial Products and Equipments Raw meterials and other materials, assembly products and equipment 2 15
7. Mixed-Use Products & Others Energy & Alternative Energy using products, Plastic, Rubber & Wood products, etc 4 25
8. Service Services 1 4
Total 22 153

How to apply
Time : Any time
Documents to be submitted
  • - A copy of business registration
  • - Eco label certification application form
  • - Environmental data relating to products
  • - The quality of products related materials
  • - To determine whether the certification criteria appropriate documents
      (However, in the case of Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute accredited test reports submitted after consultation with practitioners)
  • - A product picture (products only)

Audit procedure
Apply : Online application
Factory audit : application documents, production documents, on-site documentation, sample collection
Product Testing : Product testing and certification review by the environment / quality-related criteria
Quality Criteria : Every Friday, once carried out

Application Fee : ₩ 50,000 per product
Certification audit / travel expenses : traval expenses based on official standards and engineering business exchange
Annual Fee : The annual revenue of the previous year calculated on the product approval certification
Annual product sales Annual fee (ten thounsand won)
Less than 10 billion won 100
More than 10 billion won or Under 50 billion won 200
More than 50 billion won or Under 100 billion won 300
More than 100 billion won or Under 500 billion won 400
More than 50 billion won 500
  • - If the fee is not less than 2 million, twice installment payment is possible
  • - tax not included
  •  alleviate conditions
  • Total sales Reduction ratio
    Less than 6 billion won 90%
    More than 5 billion won or Under 20 billion won 70%
    More than 10 billion won or Under 20 billion won 50%
    More than 20 billion won or Under 30 billion won 30%

Certification Authority
30 days from the date of application (except for periods, such as complementary materials, product testing agency)

Korea Environmental Industry Technology Institute

2 years

Added score assignment upon PPS bid review
Recommended to the government rewarding system
Certified products PR and support in developing distributors and customers
Public agencies’ compulsory procurement
Benefits of using certified products in local governments and central government-operated systems
Consulting Process

Audit Process