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KS Certification

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KS (Korea Industrial Standard)TEAM : Product Certification team

Korea Industrial Standard (KS) as a national standard is largely based on the Korea Industrial Standardization Act is divided into two (product certification, services certification). If you pass all of the KS certification factory audit (site audit) and product test (standardized tests)
KS certification is granted. In July 2015 KS became the new amendment.

Object of Certification
KS standards and assessment criteria that are established items

How to apply
Time : Any time
Documents to be submitted : Business Registration, Manufacturing equipment list, Testing equipment list, The main materials list, etc.

Audit procedure
Factory audit
① Juror : 2 people.
② 33 audit items (If all items are passed final acceptance)
  • Factory audit items
    Audit items
    1. Quality Management 5 items
    (1 key quality items)
    2. Material Management 6 items
    (1 key quality items)
    3. Manufacturing processes and
    Manufacturing equipment Management
    8 items
    (1 key quality items)
    4. Product Management 6 items
    (2 key quality items)
    5. Tesr Equipment Management 3 items
    (1 key quality items)
    6. Consumer protection and
    Environmental Resources Management
    5 items
    (1 key quality items)
Product audit
① Only companies passed the factory audit carried out.
② The test for the Ks from an accredited testing laboratory in Korea.

Application fee : ₩ 500,000 (Add two more than this ₩ 250,000)
Factory audit fee : Depending on the location of the plant

Certification Authority
Within 40 days after the applicant for certification(Other than their holidays, Other than product testing organization)

Certification Authority

There is no expiration date set forth separately.
Regular audits should be conducted every three years is a certified maintenance.

Marking the KS mark
That can promote certified companies.
KS certified products Priority Purchase Scheme (Industrial Standardization Law Article 25)
Inspection or type approval of such exemption (Industrial Standardization Law Article 26)
Special bid contracts (Act on Contract to which the State is a party Article 23)
Improved corporate image
Consulting Process

Audit Process